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Edit your lease before you sign

There is a high vacancy rate in Fort Collins, and landlords are trying hard to get you to sign their leases. This means that you have more bargaining power.

You have the right to negotiate for fair terms. Don't agree to terms that are not fair to you.

Make changes in your lease by using the tips found here. If there are items within the addendum that need to be removed or changed, do so by crossing out terms and adding your changes, before you sign the lease. You, your roommates and the landlord should initial and date each change.

Treat every clause in your lease as though it's negotiable. Any revisions, promises, representations or reassurances need to be in writing, dated and then signed or initialed by the landlord and tenants. Always get any promises in writing, those made at the time of signing and afterwards.

Always keep a copy of your signed lease and all other documents related to your tenancy.