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Jury Trial

If you are charged with a petty offense in Larimer County Court, you will lose the right to have a jury trial if you do not request a jury within twenty days of pleading not guilty. You should seek legal advice to determine whether you would rather have a judge or a jury decide your case. You should also requestto have six jurors determine your guilt or innocence rather than the standard three.

If you wish to have a jury trial, you must, within twenty days of entering your plea:

  • File with the court a written jury demand
  • Be certain that your demand states that you request six jurors or you will only get three jurors.
  • Pay a $25.00 jury fee to the court, unless the judge waives this fee because you are indigent

You must take these steps even if you are not sure whether you will need a trial. Failure to do so means you will not have a right to a jury trial. You will get your $25 back if you later withdraw your request, the case is dismissed, or you are found not guilty at trial.

You do not need to request a jury if you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony in Larimer County Court. Seek legal advice if you are not sure how your charge is classified.