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Ft. Collins Municipal Court

The Fort Collins Municipal Court adjudicates misdemeanors and traffic violations (pink tickets).

Misdemeanor cases are criminal in nature. Depending on the offense, traffic tickets may either be a traffic infraction or a traffic misdemeanor.

You may represent yourself in the Fort Collins Municipal Court or you may have an attorney represent you. If you are indigent and charged with a misdemeanor for which jail is a possible penalty, an attorney may be appointed to represent you. If you wish to request court-appointed counsel, you should do so on your first Court date.

The Court date and time listed on your ticket is for your arraignment. At this time, you will have an opportunity to enter a plea, and to have a pretrial conference.

You may wish to request a continuance if you want to change your court date. A continuance may not be allowed in some cases.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor in Fort Collins Municipal Court, you must take certain steps in order to preserve your right to a jury trial. You must do this within twenty days of entering a not guilty plea, even if you are not sure whether you will go to trial.


To request a jury trial in Municipal Court, you must:

  • Within twenty days of entering a not guilty plea, submit a written request for a jury trial of six jurors. You may ask the court clerk for a form for this purpose.
  • Pay a $25.00 jury fee unless that fee is waived by the Court because you are indigent.

To learn more about Fort Collins Municipal Court, the various types of cases it handles and the court costs you can expect to pay, visit the Fort Collins Municipal Court web site.