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We cannot respond to requests for legal assistance made by e-mail or by the web form on our contact page. If you, as a CSU student, are in need of legal information or assistance, please bring your student ID to Room 284 of the Lory Student Center to make an appointment.

New Sealing Options

Concerned about a criminal record showing up on a background check?


Student Legal Services can help you seal criminal convictions, dismissals and deferred judgments if allowed under the law.


Even a criminal record showing dismissal or a conviction for a petty or small offense can inhibit your employment chances,


Changes to the sealing laws in Colorado now make more records sealable than before.


The sealing process must go through the courts and can take a few months or more, so it would be better to come in before your senior year, but certainly we’re happy to see you whenever you get here!


We also help students analyze and take steps to seal convictions form other states when possible.


Please call 970-491-1482 to make an appointment.