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Contrary to popular belief, your landlord is probably not responsible for repairs on your rented house or apartment unless your lease specifically makes the landlord responsible. Before you sign a lease, check carefully for a provision on repairs and maintenance. If there is no agreement as to repairs, the tenant is legally responsible, in most instances, for repairs that become necessary during the tenancy. Click here for tips on adding a fair repairs clause to your lease, and dealing with necessary repairs after you have signed the lease.

You should report all problems to your landlord in writing and request repairs as they are needed. You should not withhold rent because the landlord fails to make repairs. If you have made oral agreements with the landlord for repairs or remodeling work, you should confirm the agreement in writing. Send your landlord a letter stating your understanding of the agreement (including the date of completion) and request a response within a set time if his/her understanding differs.

There is also additional information available in the city brochure "Fort Collins Housing Standards."

Property code or inspection questions can be adressed to the City of Fort Collins Building and Zoning Department at 221-6760.