Auto Accidents

Have you been injured in an accident? Did someone damage your car, but now won’t cooperate? Are your bills piling up? Please visit us for a solution. We help you handle auto accident claims and deal with insurance companies.  Please bring all available documents when you come to the office. Request a copy of the police report and bring the contact and insurance information of other party.

Debt Collection

There are laws that debt collectors must follow. If someone collecting a debt from you breaks one of these laws, you have rights, and you can pursue legal remedies against that debt collector. For example, a debt collector cannot discuss your debt with someone else – not even your parents. If someone leaves a voicemail message saying that the call is concerning a debt, that’s a violation. Frequent, repeated, harassing phone calls are illegal. Please visit our office if you ever get into this kind of trouble. We have helped many students resolve these problems.

Auto Purchases

Before you walk into a dealership prepare yourself with knowledge. Make sure you know what you are signing, and that the paperwork accurately reflects your understanding of the transaction. Only new cars are covered under the Colorado Lemon Law.  Used cars are usually sold “as is” and this is stated in the purchase contract.  This means you have little to no recourse if you buy a worthless car.  That makes it very important that you have the car checked out by your own mechanic before you buy.  Do not rely on the seller’s word.  If you have ended up with a bad car, make an appointment with us to see if there are any legal remedies available to you.

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